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How I build a full-fledged app with Next.js and MongoDB Part 3: Email Verification, Password Reset/Change

In this blog post, I am writing on how I create Password Reset/Change and Email Verification feature using Next.js.

Develop Node app in ES6 without Nodemon and Babel

There is a way to develop a Node app in ES6 without using Nodemon and transpiler such as Babel. The answer is rollup.js.

Today I Learned: Time travel in Jest

I need to make a function "executed in a time frame in the future". This is a trick to do it with Jest mocking functions.

Use middleware in Next.js without custom server

Next.js API Route is an alternative to Express.js as a custom server. This post will present several approaches to replace Express.js middleware.

How I build a full-fledged app with Next.js and MongoDB Part 2: User profile and Profile Picture

In this post, I am going to add profile page and its setting functionality. We also learn to add Profile Picture feature to our project.

How I build a full-fledged app with Next.js and MongoDB Part 1: User authentication

After struggling with implementing an authentication system for my next project, I would like to share how I finally manage to do so using Next.js and MongoDB.

How I migrate from Express.js to Next.js API Routes

After much consideration, I decided to migrate from using Express.js custom server to using Next.js API Routes.

Explore Next.js 9 API Routes

I have just found out about the new API Routes feature that is released in Next.js 9. This blog post tells you my first glance of it. 3.0: My journey into the JAM Stack, Gatsby and GraphQL

After years going with Wordpress, I finally switched to GatsbyJS. This marks my first venture into Jam Stack, Gatsby and GraphQL.

“My Utopia”: My attempt to save the world (from mobile addiction)

Project 'My Utopia' is my finest attempt to save the world from the infectious mobile addiction.

How I tweak my Wordpress website for better SEO and faster speed

I have recently launched my Wordpress website, but it seems slow. This is how I optimize the website's SEO and speed by using plugins and a CDN.

How to ace the SAT

Soon or later, you will have to take that difficult SAT test. Do not fret. With a good strategy, you can ace it just fine.

Things I wish I knew when building an authentication system (Part 2)

Great authentication system comes great responsiblity. If I am going to implement my authentication system, it needs to be secure.

Things I wished I knew when building an authentication system (Part 1)

Building an authentication allows users to login. Most people goes with OAuth2 or Identity Service Providers. But what if I want create my own?

Knowledge Seed: Learning while playing games

Knowledge Seed is an educational project I worked on in 2017. It is a learning experience that integrates games as its core.